Thursday, May 3, 2012


It is a sequel of multiple sclerosis whose itiology is unknown.There may be total loss of function below the level of the lesion of the spinal cord.
Symptoms include weakness & numbness of the limbs as well as motor,sensory & sphincter deficits.
Level of lesion should be located before starting the treatment.Along with acupuncture we also use homeopathy  which is also called as Homeo-Puncture(Needle dipped into homeopathic dilution and pricked).Points are mainly local,at the level of the lesion.
Needles are inserted deep into the subarchnoid space through the interspinous spaces,around sacral hiatus & others at the level of lumbar vertebrae(L1--L5).
For the first few sittings and in acute conditions,this method is sufficient.But in chronic cases,other points may be added according to
  1. For paraplegia(non traumatic) or disability of an extremity_ Zhibian(UB.54) and yanglingquan(GB.34)
  2. For disturbances in micturition & defaecation Guanyuan(CV.4),Dachangshu(UB.25),Ciliao(UB.32),Sanyinchio(SP.6),Tianshu(ST.25).
Strong stimulation should be used in acute condition.Treatment should be given daily for 30 sittings at a stretch.
Moxibustion should not be done.Hammering can be done on UB channel and GB channel.Along with acupuncture,homeopathy is very helpful in tranverse myelitis,but for selecting constitutional remedy a detailed  case taking should be done of the patient with its past history,then and then Homeo-puncture should be given.
Mild to moderate phsiotherapy should be combined,but precaution should be taken to avoid excessive fatigue to the patient.Though efficacy is doubtful,still low fat diet may be advised.Exercise for bowel control should be done.Glococorticoids or immunosuppressive agents should not be used,unless in life saving need or unless acupuncture proves to be failure.
PROGNOSIS is good and at least better than conservative treatment by so called modern medicine.In acute condition ie.when acupuncture treatment is started immedietly after the onset,it is better to treat the patient indoor.In chronic or established cases,or when tranvers myelitis had occured in advanced cases of multiple sclerosis along with optic and or/ cerebral features,prognosis will be disappointing.
In many patients,acupuncture may not play the curative role,but can produce some improvement and can arrest or slower the progress of the disease.
COMMENTS: Treatment of two groups of patients suffering from nontraumatic paraplegia due to acute transverse myelitis had been reported by some workers of the department of neurology,second Hospital of wuhn medical college,people's republic of china.One group acted as control,treated by usual western medicine and in other,acupuncture was added.They had found significant higher rate of improvement and virtual cure in latter group.Much more work is obviously needed for safe conclusion in favour of acupuncture.But as there is no effective treatment in modern medicine,known uptill now,acupuncture and homeopathy can be helpful integration.


  1. Thanks for sharing this gr8 information with us. Really this a very gd job as an acupuncturist to treat such a patient with this typical disease

    I ll call u for treating my patients with the same disease...

  2. Sir i have some problem in spinal card . I have weakness & numbness of the Lower bace and thigh leg and i cant walk without support. The 13 years back i am suffering from fever. The doctor treated and get MRI and CSF fluid test . I recover but mildly i cant run then its increase little by little now i cant walk freely. i think its myelitis i dont interested in alopathic. so i dont consult any body i can manage myself. But i confident this symptoms are mylities please help me in alternative treatment of acupuncture is possiple

  3. Hi, can someone share contact details of this clinic to share Transverse Myelitis?

  4. Hi, can someone share contact details of this clinic to share Transverse Myelitis. My mother got attached with this a month back. After initial treatment in alopathy hoepital, she is able to move, stretch, fold legs but can't stand for more than ~2mins. Please suggest good alternative medication.

    1. miracle acupuncture and homeopathy clinic,b-38 hazrat nizamuddin west,new delhi-13,011-41827041